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September 8, 2006

Personality Refocuses on Cause Marketing

Posted by Kevin D. Hendricks | Filed under: Personality News

It takes a certain amount of passion to start a company that can trace its roots back to a spare bedroom. But those are the roots of Personality™. With that passion at heart, it should come as no surprise that we're solidifying ourselves as a cause marketing agency, combining our practical approach to branding, marketing and design with our passion to support social causes.

This is something we've wanted to announce since early this year. We believe we can change the world and now it's part of our business plan. It's about helping non-profits and businesses work together so everybody wins. It's pairing a heart full of idealism with a head full of practicality. It's about doing well while doing good.

It's something we've done since the beginning, back in that spare bedroom in 1998, though the cause marketing revelation has only come lately. Last year we met with an outside consultant, Paula Serios, former ad exec with Ogilvy, and head of marketing and communications at Mission Hospital in Irvine, Calif. Over the course of six months Serios helped us fine-tune our mission and focus. We realized this is what we've been doing all along, we just never had the words for it. Now we're processing what this means and adjusting our focus and communication to help causes.

We bring together the incurable idealism with the practical reality--it's a marriage of the head and heart. Welcome to Personality™--the cause marketing agency.

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