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November 14, 2006

The Marriage of Head and Heart: Personality™ Refocuses as a Cause Marketing Agency

Posted by Kevin D. Hendricks | Filed under: Press Releases

Brian Zopf
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LOS ANGELES – It takes a certain amount of passion to start a company in a spare bedroom. But those are the roots of Personality™, a Los Angeles-based marketing firm with clients including Twentieth Century Fox that started as a specialty design company back in 1998. With that passion at heart, it's no surprise that the company is transforming itself into a cause marketing agency, combining their practical approach to branding, marketing and design with their passion to support social causes.

"We believe we can change the world--it's what gets us up in the morning," says president and founder Brad Abare, who started his first company at the age of 14 and was recently quoted in Advertising Age. "But that heart full of idealism still needs to do practical things like pay the bills. What we do is bring together the idealism with the practical--it's a marriage of the head and heart."

Throughout 2006 Personality™ has refocused its efforts on causes that make the world a better place. One of their main tools is the Brand Analysis that gets to the core of what an organization is really about--their personality. After going through Personality's™ Brand Analysis a cause can more effectively tell their story and make the case for a strategic relationship with a business or sponsor. The Brand Analysis answers the question corporate sponsors have, "How can we do well while doing good?"

It's something the company has done since the beginning, though the cause marketing revelation has only come lately. The team worked to narrow their focus with the help of an independent consultant, Paula Serios, a marketing/ad agency executive and veteran of 20 years, including Ogilvy & Mather and various cause marketing projects. Over the course of six months Serios helped the Personality™ team fine-tune their mission and focus.

"Each time she sent us back to make it more clear," says Abare. "These are all things we've done for clients, so it was a needed dose of our own medicine. When people and businesses know who they truly are, then what they should do and how they should do it becomes clear. That’s been the case for Personality™."

New clients have included Everyday Woman, a magazine and organization that wants to empower women, as well as longtime clients like a 5-million strong faith-based denomination.

Personality™ is a cause marketing agency that believes in doing well while doing good. The Los Angeles-based company began in 1998 and serves clients in a range of business and non-profit fields. Visit for more information.

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