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February 12, 2007

Lisa Says You Need Us

Posted by Brad Abare | Filed under: Personality News

Last Friday I wrote about the book I finished reading by Lisa Johnson. One of the things I failed to mention was Lisa's concluding thoughts in her last few pages. It was the one time that made me literally shout a "wahoo" as I nearly fell off the treadmill at the gym. She identifies five key players she believes every organization in every industry--regardless of size or budget--should have. "Even if you're a sole entrepreneur, these are the people you will need to find as strategic partners."

The first "partner" she identifies is what she calls content strategists. Aside from the lame title, the description she gives of this role is nearly spot on for what Personality™ does when it comes to profiting businesses and propelling causes.

"Born storytellers and communicators, content strategists explore how company content intersects with user- and community-driven content. Strategists understand what people want to know, what they want to share, and how to connect the dots to build a clear roadmap for participants.

"Content strategists assess all existing communication channels and materials (including Web sites, blogs, brochures, ads, podcasts, white papers, and video files), work with internal managers to envision new directions and possibilities (technologies, language, tone, new approaches), and create a workable plan to develop content that will cut through the clutter and deliver the brand messages in a compelling, authentic manner.

"Content strategists are more like internal auditors--analyizing, planning, and often creating the content from the inside out in a way that defines the organization. Strategists see patterns and they know how to match big picture brand goals with specific content possiblities. They ask the hard questions and cut through the spin.

Content strategists' core compentencies include:
  • clustering
  • observing
  • planning
  • distilling
  • storytelling
  • writing
  • assessing
  • creating

Content strategists' three-question tool kit:
  • What do we want to say?
  • How are we going to say it?
  • In what formats will we say it?"

Could somebody pinch me? I realize Lisa probably has no clue who we are, but does she realize she just gave us a silent endorsement? I feel like I should send her a thank-you note.

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